Fast & Secure
Trusted Relations

Secure Vendor saves building managers and vendors time and money by managing certificates, delivery schedules and client information.


We understand the time consuming process of credentialing in order to make secure deliveries to your customers.

By joining Secure Vendor we offer:

Established Trust

Share your employee credentials, vehicle information and required certificates with your customers. They'll always have your profile information on hand so there's never a question on who they're dealing with.

Expedite Entry

No more fumbling through forms and passes. Once you're approved by your customer, getting through security is just a quick in-and-out for your deliveries.

Network Growth

We don't think twice about doing business with someone who we can trust. Customers within our network are the same, and working with one can lead to more customers who are looking for your trusted qualifications.

About Us

Secure Vendorâ„¢ is provided by Building Intelligence Inc, a New York based company focused on vehicle, visitor, and vendor security software. Our suite of products protect facilities by keeping undesirables and fast tracking access to trusted vendors and individuals.